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Hasa Corporation was created in 1989 to evolve urban housing with new models of updated spatial and material ideas invented by the principal and employing adaptations of historic principles and introducing new construction technology.

Innovative, affordable urban housing was in short supply in the 1990s and urban housing stock was deteriorating rapidly throughout the Eastern United States. NIMBY proponents, stiff building code requirements, lax enforcement of building codes, obsolete zoning, bureaucratic and slow functioning administrators, trade union requirements, archaic designs and lack of consumer enthusiasm plagued cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Newark, Philadelphia and metropolitan New York.

Hasa's principal Ed Bowe approached these daunting obstacles with an effort to develop a successful path through this urban quagmire with “Eyes Wide Open”. The Hasa urban housing models envisioned await building, but the boom/bust cycle is again in full decline arising from a former cycle (1976-1994).

Commencing in 1994 the latest national housing cycle reached its zenith in 2007 before a rapid decline in 2008 leading to another cyclical drop in the most recent housing period. The time is here again in the recessionary trough to implement “green design”, use of superior materials, new technologies, new wiring schemes, smart house ideas from the housing industry, An industry that evolved ideas championed by Hasa principal Bowe. An industry now fabricating concepts proposed in the 1980's by Hasa Corporation's principal.

Financing schemes and development efforts were tried and abandoned during the 1990's. New relationships must be built to carry out this vision. Hasa Corporation added four new efforts as it moves into the 21st Century later half of the first decade of the new millennium. The ownership and management of habitational units in the high desert of Arizona, an international temporary shelter solution, the restoration of an historic Chicago landmark building and the rebuilding of classic British cars are all involved in recent building efforts.

Principal- Edward Bowe b.1946, Fremont, Ohio, BS in Education, Ohio State University

Principal Development History:

1973 – First urban multi-unit historic preservation project- restoration on Historic Magnolia Street

1976 – Second urban multi-family project- restoration on Historic Clarendon Street (National Register of Historic Places)

1979 – Third urban project-restoration on Historic Argyle Street–First Elevated building (National Register of Historic Places)

1982 – Fourth urban multi family historic project- restoration on Clarendon Street (National Register of Historic Places)

1985 – Launched as co-founder cooperative Housing Association–EUBA

1985 – Oversight of Public Housing–City of Chicago–Scattered Site Program

1988 – Oversight of Public Housing–City of Chicago–Metropolitan Planning Council – High Rise projects

1989 – Launch Hasa Corporation – startup

1989 – Reorganize and serve as one of first Directors of Uptown business development corporation- UPCORP

1989 – Lawrence Avenue Redevelopment Task Force

1979-2005 – Director Community organization - UCC

1992 – Creation of Historic Lawrence Broadway Entertainment District

1994 – Land acquisition for first urban home site-Historic Ukrainian Village area

1995 – Wilson Yard Task Force

1999 – Creation and web manager of the UptownChicago website

1998 – Sale of Urban home site to develop housing for survivors of Hurricane Andrew

2002 – Purchase of apartments, Prescott, AZ

2002 – Launch preservation effort for Old Cook County Hospital, Beaux Arts Historic property

2004 – Additional rental purchase , Prescott, AZ

2005 – Reorganized and participated as parent member – New School Committee IAMS for daughter's school

2005 – Temporary Shelter invention conceived

2006-2008 – Build and test Prototype shelter

2005-2008 – Preserve Classic car collection- Prescott Jaguar Collection

1979-2008 – Risk Management consultation practice for Chicago based Managers, Developers, Entrepreneurs and Asset Managers

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