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HASA Housing Models

  Rapid Shelter – A state-of-the-art affordable house. Simple, fast hand assembly. Many add-ons available.

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Northern Tier States Housing Types:

  Egale – (The Egalitarian) - A Starter Home with Carport/Multiport and open floor plan. (artist's rendering on home page)

Egale – prounounced e gaul e

  Elite – Semi-Custom Home, expandable indoor/outdoor alternative space

  Elegante – Custom finishes in three story urban home and 10 car garage with elevator in single family urban home or free form suburban home with increased enclosed square footage (suburban homes not shown)

Southern Tier States Housing Types:

  South Haven – Safe, wind resistant home, upgradeable

  Safe Haven – Safe, Semi-Custom home with expandable indoor square footage

  Pier House – An alternative to the shotgun Southern style cottage home

  Coachhouse – Water resistant perimeter townhome over carport for large tract development where flooding is an issue

Foreign Concept Homes Housing Types:

  Farmer's Palace – Pier House modified to exploit cultural housing and societal norms based upon traditional symbolic “heaven and earth” concepts in China

  Pier House – modified for warmer tropical climates with use of steel framing and extensive use of native artistic and material supplies including bamboo and woven reed exterior claddings

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