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The HASA Shelter System

    Our system is superior in terms of:
  • rapid response, among quickest solutions to set up
  • storage (longer life)
  • shipping –can be palletized
  • reusable with limited material waste, extremely “Green” technologies using recyclable commodities
  • customizable, with numerous add-ons
  • suitable in all climatic conditions
  • superior wind resistance
  • mildew resistance
  • excellent perimeter security
  • greater health considerations concerning air quality
  • protection from water, sun, cold, heat
    The multi-purpose nature of the system allows for use as:
  • school rooms
  • hospital rooms
  • operating rooms
  • military applications
  • government outposts
  • clinics
  • processing stations
  • affordable urban and rural housing for the poor, homeless
  • third world populations on a temporary, permanent, or semi-permanent "as needed" basis, passing the most stringent of building code requirements depending on setup

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